Advanced Services

The Ivy Medical Group is delighted to announce new services available to our patients including Physiotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy support of safe use of Medications. We hope our patients will find these services to be very valuable in managing their health and move us to a proactive approach aiming for the best in class care for our population.

Clinical Pharmacists

Working without PCN, Arrow Health, our practice are delighted to announce the availability of advanced services to our patients. We are happy to announce that our patients will be supported with medication management by our Clinical Pharmacists. Mr MIlan Patel is providing advanced medicines management services for our patients which includes review medications to ensure they are appropriate and safe as well as proactively monitoring patients on higher risk medications and on those with lots of medications. Milan will also be undertaking actions to adjust medications with the latest research and bulletins to ensure we keep our patients safe on their treatments. We would also like to welcome Briony Leighton who is a specialist Clinical Pharmacist for patients in care homes. Briony will be joining our clinicians in weekly reviews and ward rounds for our care homes to ensure our patients are safe and have the very best in medical care.

Here is a message from Milan:

“My name is Milan and I am the Primary Care Network (PCN) clinical pharmacist that will be working across IVY Medical Group and Plains View Surgery. I will be working as part of the multi-disciplinary team to meet the needs of patients and provide my expertise with any medicine related queries. I have over 15 years of experience as a practicing Pharmacist and last year I acquired my independent prescribing qualification. My role is to support patients and the practice by carrying out structured medication reviews for patients on long term conditions and the other areas set out by the NHS England. As part of my responsibilities I will also be supporting the practices to adopt a patient safety theme to promote safe prescribing. The purpose of having a clinical pharmacist in GP practice is to help with any medicines related queries, help with minor ailments, carry out reviews and practice audits and free up time for GPs to see patients that have complex issues or comorbidities. I am looking forward to helping the teams at Ivy and Plains and improve the patient experience by answering any medicines related queries or prescription queries.”

Milan will be with us at the practice on Tuesdays mainly and Briony will be with us on Tuesday afternoons to support our care home reviews.

First Contact Physiotherapist

Working with our PCN, Arrow Health, we are delighted to welcome Mr Gurpal Matharu to our team. Gurpal is a highly trained First Contact Physio and will be working with us on Mondays. He is directly bookable by our patients for musculoskeletal problems and will be able to provide one for the most comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments available.

The role of First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) in Primary Care is to assess patients with soft tissue, muscle and joint pain and to decide on the most appropriate management pathway. FCPs are physiotherapists with expertise in the assessment and management of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. 

Here is a message from Gurpal:

“Hi, I’m the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP). I have almost ten years of experience assessing and treating musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions across hospitals and clinics up and down the UK. I’m here for your MSK needs; whether it be a painful back/neck, a new injury or even something that has been bothering you for a while and starting to affect your day-to-day tasks. My role will be to expertly assess and refer you on to the service that suits you best. Or it might even be something which will clear up with a few simple exercises and time!”

Gurpal will be available on Mondays to book appointments for patients with Musculoskeletal problems.